an ammendment to the beginning

as i told it in my first post, the "point" of all this is to tell stories. and while that is true it is only a partial truth, mostly it is about space. space is a precious commodity in these days with the most abundant resources of it being on this interweb thingy. so i am claiming a small piece of this virtual insanity and declaring ownership of it in the name of jihan the unabridged. i will fill it with stories, pictures, fables, mental meandering, jackassery, crotchetyness, non-sequiturs, humbugs, and anything else i can think of that just might make you smile, think, wonder, dream or laugh; they may also have other side effects, but i'm taking no responsibility for those.

i am an incessant thinker, and i call the train of my thoughts the spiral. it's so named because although there is definite progression to it, it is certainly not linear; kind of like a slinky stretched on end. any new piece of information gets dragged about on the spiral as i look for different perspectives on it, what looks good at one turn of the spiral might not look so good after the next bend in the track. there's simply not enough space in my brain to contain the girth of my spiral and so i am taking it outside of my cranium and into this space. welcome.


  1. you ARE Isaac Newton!!

  2. tee hee hee, i have decided that at least one of your titles shall be the muse of merriment, you always keep me smilin' dude!

  3. oh man im loving the slinky analogy...so true..so goddamn true


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